Coistel Beauty is love for ourselves and the people we love.
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Coistel Beauty is love for ourselves and the people we love.

Coistel Beauty was born from a passion I have always had for the Beauty world, especially for hair, and from a real personal need, mine and especially of my little girls who have curly, thin and easily knotted hair.

In fact, as my first product, I chose to make a product that could be gentle, useful and versatile at the same time. 
I started with the thing that would help me the most with my hair and the little girls hair: the knot-loosening detangling spray, accompanied by a portable brush that, thanks to its soft bristles, does not tear or damage hair.

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Like many women, we are always looking for something that can somehow simplify and facilitate our hair beauty routine, while maintaining high quality standards, choosing top-quality, Made in Italy and preferring paraben-free, silicone- free and vegan formulas..

Even the packaging respects the same eco-friendly, environmentally friendly principle!

Each product is carefully designed to offer my clients solutions to their daily hair care needs and to offer top quality products suitable for all hair types, usable from 3 years old and up.